Building Bridges.

Brand building takes time and needs consistency. You will also need a good map: strategy. It will tell you where to navigate.
However, we often forget that a good strategy will take us only half way. We also have to concentrate on implementation. Everyone should know what the right direction is and why we are heading there. We also need to focus on right actions, and in a cost-effective way.
When only limited resources are available choosing the right partner is crucial. A partner that genuinely familiarizes itself with the organization’s operations and operational environment. A partner that makes sure that objectives are achieved. A partner that knows how to build new roads and bridges, in addition to reliable maps.
Advertising Agency Double is this kind of partner. A true Marketing and Communications professional that knows how to build bridges between excellent strategies and efficient implementation.
Our strong experience in the third and private sectors has given us a role as the bridge-builder between both sectors. Both possess unique know-how and thinking, which in a responsible and professional way can open unprecedented possibilities and pinpoint new destinations for both sectors. New roads and new bridges.
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